Exploration in the city

Did you know that you can explore your city from you own… home?

One of the main features of Exploration Children's Museum is walking tours! Through various routes, the Museum gives its visitors from all over the world the opportunity to "walk" through the history of our city of Heraklion, discovering its natural and cultural heritage, meeting people of the past and the present.

Although we #stayhome, Exploration invites you to get familiar with Heraklion city from your own home! Every week we will explore different areas of the island of Crete, we will read stories and discover traditional customs through play.

The project "#Exploration in the city!" is a collaboration with the tourist guide This Is Crete. This Is Crete was founded in 2010 to promote the beautiful and historic island of Crete. Let’s explore the  seaside and the mountains, museums and monuments, canyons and churches, cities and villages through their photos. Join us on a journey to the wonderful island of Crete.

Ready for exploration?

Let’s be tourists in our city!