Your museum

Play with our #collections!

Did you know that you can discover Exploration’s collections from your… own home?

20 artifacts from our Museum get out of their boxes and pose in front of our camera! 

Are you ready for #exploration? Because the game of #1440 minutes is starting… now!

An online game with Exploration’s collections waits you from March 25th until May 28th, 2020. Watch out for Museum’s posts in social media (Facebook and Instagram), until you see a photo of an object’s detail.  The game’s purpose? To discover the object hiding in the photo!

How will you discover it? In each post you can read tips that will help you with your exploration! The main rule is to search everywhere you want (books, maps, websites, cyclopedia, movies) and ask everyone you want from you family (you can use your phone also!) Don’t forget to compare the Museum’s photo with your own objects at home. Once you complete your research, write your answer as a comment below the photo (your parents could help you!).

How much time you have for all this? Of course, it’s # 1440 minutes from the moment the Museum’s photo is posted! As soon as the #1440 minutes have passed ... the answer will be revealed!

What can you do after the answer is revealed? Find similar items you have at home, take pictures and send them to Exploration in order to make all together our own digital children's museum! 

In the photos below, discover the collections we have already made with items our visitors sent us! 

The game has just begun! Are you ready?