#03 Walking Tour - Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Which old Minoan city of Crete do you remember the most?

Rumor has it that Crete, and in particular the city of Heraklion, keeps the world's greatest enigma! Which, also, is its most important archaeological find!

It was found in the old Minoan city of Phaistos. It is round and made of baked clay. Its size is about 15 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick. In fact, archaeologists say that it is very important because of the text written on it in ancient symbols. Thousands of people have attempted to find what it writes, but in vain! You can see this object at the Archaeological Museum of our city.

Visit This Is Crete page here and search among the photos of the Museum's exhibits.

  • What is this object?
  • What symbols do you notice on it?
  • How can we read it?

Now, find the secret Minoan alphabet here. Observe carefully its designs and letters. Look up in the photos below for the secret paper with the key and make your own… secret message! What message would you write? Who would want to read your text?

Don't forget to send us photos with your own enigma!