#01 Walking Tour - Morosini Fountain

What's the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the name "Crete"?

But of course, the famous Lions!

Morosini Fountain, or "Lions" as it is known, was inaugurated on April 25, 1628. This construction was very important, because the government manages to bring water to our city! In fact, they brought it from the mountain Yukhta to Archanes, through a 15 km aqua duct that reached as far as Heraklion city. The Fountain is decorated with themes from Greek mythology, and especially the sea kingdom. The water still flows through the mouths of the lions, which stand in the center of the Fountain.

Take a good look at the Morosini Fountain's photos of This Is Crete

  • How many lions can you see? 
  • What drawings do you see on it? 
  • If you were Francesco Morosini, how would you decorate your fountain?

Find the "secret paper" with the key in the photos below!

Observe the old photos and see how Morosini Fountain used to be. What has changed?

Send us photos of your Morosini Fountain!