#02 Walking Tour - Marmaketo Village

How many villages have you visited in Crete? 

Among Crete’s 670 villages, you’ve surely have heard of… Marmaketo!

The village of Marmaketo is located at the foot of Fakidia hill, on the Lassithi Plateau. The inhabitants of Crete know this village very well, not only for its great history, but mainly for the famous Epitaph of St. John the Theologian! Why is it famous? But of course, for the beautiful Easter violas! Before Holy Thursday, the villagers collect violets and decorate the Epitaph, who really makes a strong impression!

The Easter violas, however, hide another secret! Why do they have this name? What is their relationship with the Easter celebrations? 

On Holy Saturday, according to Christian custom, they take the flowers out of the Epitaph and hang them on wires inside the church. The flowers stay there until May 8, the day of Saint’s celebration. By then, of course, the violets have already withered, but on the day of the feast they perform a small… miracle! They bloom again!

It is a custom inextricably linked to both the village of Marmaketo and St. John the Theologian, as it is said that where the bones of the Saint had been found in the past, a cross was formed from flowering flowers of the field.

Find more about Marmaketo village here.

See photos of the Epitaph of St. John the Theologian. How many colors can you distinguish? How is it different from others?

Find the secret paper that has a key on it! You will definitely need it somewhere!