Exploration Children's Museum is the fist mobile children's museum in Greece and we are travelling everywhere for the children!

As a mobile museum, we travel everywhere: to cities, villages, islands, even to the most remote areas. We travel with our collections, our mobile exhibitions and of course, along with our interpreters. This way, we offer children the opportunity  to visit our Museum with their families, wherever they may live.

Due to our travels, we meet  new visitors and together we explore the history and  culture of their own place. We build a safe learning environment, where we all participate, interact and express ourselves in the most creative ways, discovering through playing.

We're hosted by public and private organizations, developing relationships of cooperation and trust with our visitors and local communities, beyond our Museum's geographic borders. We constantly develop new programs and activities so that we highlight the cultural elements of each place and create new unique cultural experiences for children and their families.

If you want to visit Exploration, then contact us here in order to travel to your city and organize our Museum's visit!