Exploration is a journey full of adventures, discoveries and of course new experiences! 

What happens when play and culture are combined on this journey? Then, you definitely meet Exploration!

Exploration is the first mobile children's museum in Greece that constantly travels everywhere for all children! 

You will find us with our collections, exhibits and interpreters, travelling in various cities of Greece and exploring, discovering and playing with our visitors.

Home of 21st Century Education 
Certification by Hands On! 
- International Association of Children's Museums 

Exploration Children's Museum is one of the first five institutions in the world to be certified as "Home of 21st Century Education" by Hands On! International Association of Children's Museums. 

The world is changing fast and children growing up today will need to co-create a more sustainable society for tomorrow. For this they will need to develop new skills our school systems haven't yet comprehensively addressed. 

Institutions certified as a “Home of 21st Century Education” are innovative learning centres with children at the center of their work. By encouraging playful engagement with cultural heritage they equip children for a sustainable future of social, cultural and environmental cohesion.

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Some of our explorations that may interest you!