Museum at home!


Exploration Children's Museum travels inside a box and visit you at your own home!



Exploration Kit is a box that,
although it looks like every other box,
is different and quite special!

Our exploration box invites children to
discover the objects that are hidden inside. 
What is the purpose? 

Children observe the objects with our magnifying glass,
explore them and by turning on their imagination,
they discover new ways of their use and construction.

But what objects are hidden inside?
How do we explore them? What can we do with them? 

We will definitely find the answer in the box itself!

Exploration Kit includes a magnifying glass and
a variety of materials for experiments,
constructions, crafts and natural objects.

Cost: 15€ | Shipping Costs: Depending on the destination

It’s suitable for children age 6 and up.
For younger children (4-5 years), the presence of an adult is necessary.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
The box's content is not a toy. 



This summer we go to the beach with our favorite Museum!

What secrets does sea hide?
What animals live in rock pools?
How many different types of seashells can we find?

Through our magnifying glass,
we explore the beach and we discover all the secrets of
our wonderful seaside!

With our swimsuit, we don't forget
to take along with us our own Summer Kit
to begin the summer explorations
inside an outside of the water!

* Summer Kit includes a magnifying glass,
a fishing net, measuring and experimental tools, 
containers and exploration's cards.

Cost: 22€ | Shipping Costs: Depending on the destination

It's suitable for children age 2 and up.
The presence of an adult is necessary.
The box's content is not a toy





What do the math, a rolling pin and
our magnifying glass have in common? 

But of course ... our kitchen!

Did you know that you could learn math with the measure cups?
Or we can do experiments with a cutter?
Or we discover physics through our fork?  

Find out the chef hat in our kit and
let’s discover all the secrets hidden in our kitchen!

Don't forget to discover Museum's magic recipe
for thousands of explorations at home! 

* Kitchen Kit includes a chef hat, a rolling pin, 
measuring tools, pastry utensils, containers and 
a recipe for homemade playdough.

Cost: 20€ | Shipping Costs: Depending on the destination

It's suitable for children age 1,5 and up. 
Adult participation is required through playing

The box's content is not a toy.

If you want to become one of the greatest explorers of our Museum, 

then all you have to do is to choose your favorite one and order your own Exploration Kit! 

And your favorite Museum will come to your home!

Are you ready to explore?

  • Orders placed until the 15th of  every month will be sent in the same month. All orders placed after the 15th of the month will be shipped next month.
  • Exploration Kit is available in two languages (Greek and English).  Shipping to Greece and Europe.
  • For orders, please fill  the order form you see below. In the section "Kit" , please write the kit that you are interested in.
  • For more information, please contact us via mail ή or by telephone +30 6948 822 622. 

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