In the footsteps of a Venetian traveler

In the footsteps of a Venetian traveler

Walking tour - Educational program for families

Number of participants: 20-25 people (parents with children) | Duration: 90 '- 120' | Location: Venetian Walls of Heraklion

Through the letters of a Venetian traveler, we explore the history of Venetian Heraklion: Candia.

Coming from the past, the Venetian traveler narrates the history of his own city from the Venetian Walls. How was the city of Heraklion then? Which of Venetian buildings still exist to this day? How was people's life outside the city walls?

Come and walk with us on the most impressive fortification work of the Venetians and let's see our city from above. Through a treasure hunt, we will recognize the most important buildings of Candia, read mystery stories, solve puzzles, live as Venetians. Let's become travelers and write our own impressions from the city of Heraklion.