Be an astronomer at your home! Study the constellations

Do you like to study the constellations tonight?

If you observe the sky on a moonless night, you will certainly see too many stars! Sometimes the stars seem to be alone, others to form bigger groups! These formations are constellations.

How can we observe the constellations?

Today, astronomers have agreed that there are about 88 constellations in the sky. In fact, the International Astronomical Union established a list of their names and shapes in 1922. Download the Museum leaflet Study the constellations and explore the names and patterns of the constellations. What names do you recognize? What patterns have you seen before?

Download the constellation cards here and print them. Observe very carefully each constellation. Which shape corresponds to each constellation? What does the name of the constellation have to do with its shape? Cut out the constellation cards and play the game with the light. You can find the instructions of the light game here.

Get out now and observe the sky! What constellations can you see?

We will be happy to know the constellations you discovered!

Happy observing!


  • The more lights you have around you, the harder to see the stars. Try to get to a dark place and wait for about 10 min to allow your eyes to adjust. You will start seeing more stars!
  • Don't forget the cards with the constellations and of course the planisphere! Planisphere is the map of the sky that shows the position of the constellations at the sky. You can download it form here.