Exploration is a journey full of adventures, discoveries and of course new experiences! 

What happens when play and culture are combined on this journey? Then, you definitely meet Exploration!

Exploration is the first mobile children's museum in Greece that constantly travels everywhere for all children! 

You will find us with our collections, exhibits and interpreters, travelling in various cities of Greece and exploring, discovering and playing with our visitors.

Exploration Children's museum travels to Athens!
On the occasion of the World Book Day, come with us to travel back in time and discover the history of book! 

Exploration travels to the schools of Athens with the educational program "BOOK: The talking leaves" an invites students and teachers to discover the value and the importance of the books!

From the time of rock-painting to today's digital eBooks, books are still the most important medium of communication. Books narrate people’s stories of the past, explain scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, represent history and cultures and spread ideas and dreams.

Finally, what is a book really? What stories hide in its pages? How can a book change the world? With History as their (tour) guide, children explore the different roles books have had over the centuries and understand the ways in which they influenced humanity. They solve puzzles, decode old secrets and, thought important personalities and events, they finally discover the book as an object representative of our culture.

Exploration will travel to the schools of 
Athens from early March to April, 2024.


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