Be an astronomer at your home! Observe the night sky

Did you know that you can become an astronomer at your… home?

All great astronomers have got familiarized with the night sky firstly with their "naked" eye! And by "naked" eye, we mean our eyeballs, without a telescope. All you need is a sky map! 

What is this map?

The planisphere, as it is called, is a round map that helps us identify stars in the sky on a specific date and time. Although stars may look alone, we have grouped them in various formations: the constellations

How can we observe the night sky from our home?

First of all, download the planisphere from here. Then, read the instructions and make your map. To start with select the date and time you want to observe. Then, face South and raise the map over your head. The map inside the oval region will reflect what you see in the sky! Check  what you see in the map and the sky. How many constellations can you spot ?

Happy observing!


  • The more lights you have around you, the harder to see the stars. Try to get to a dark place and wait for about 10 min to allow your eyes to adjust. You will start seeing more stars!
  • If you want to write something that you noticed or if you just want to see where you left your juice box, use a lens with a red filter. In that way your eyes will not be affected much!
  • These sky observations are made in the night; that’s why you should always wear comfortable and warm clothes!