Exploration travels to schools!

Exploration Children's Museum is starting travelling to schools this school year along with it's educational programs, it's collections and it's interpreters!

School programs are available in Greek and are for all classes of Primary Education. All programs are developed by scientific staff and are aligned with educational standards. We approach a variety of issues of everyday life and society aiming to enhance school life and curriculum.

We are processing a variety of topics of everyday life and culture, and through Museum's collections and mobile exhibits, students and teachers observe objects, experiment, collaborate, explore, discover the world!

Choose the program that suits you best and let's organize together ECM visit to your school :

Greek War of Independence: Through the eyes of a historian (5th & 6th grade Primary School)

How did the Greek Revolution of 1821 begin? What battles determined its course? Who took the lead? Let's become historians and study one of the most important facts in Greek History!

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Inside the museum (4th, 5th & 6th grade Primary School)

What is a museum? What can we do inside a museum? How many different types of museums are in our city? Children discover what a "museum" really is by observing and exploring everyday objects, copies and authentic artifacts.

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Book: the talking leaves (4th, 5th & 6th grade Primary School)

From the time of rock-painting to today's digital eBooks, books are still the most important medium of communication. What is a book really? What stories hide in its pages? 

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Museum: the temple of the Muses (1st, 2nd & 3rd grade Primary School)

In the years of old, nine beautiful nymphs were born, the Muses. Who were the nine Muses? What gifts did they offer humanity? How do they relate to the history of museums?

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Welcome Mr. T.C.! (Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade Primary School)

A small town gives the opportunity to children to identify the main parts of the traffic environment. Who is Mr. T.C.? What sort of advice does he offer? How many are his hidden signs?

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Do not disturb my... drawings! (Kindergarten)

How many shapes exist in nature? How come painters know geometry? How can we discover math in a painting? Through simple everyday objects, children explore geometry in nature, in the human body, in our environment.

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Exploration will start traveling to schools from the beginning of October

For more information and reservations, Please contact the Education Department of the Museum via mail edu@exploration.gr or by telephone  +30 6948 822 622 so that we can organize a safe and enjoyable museum experience at your school.

At Exploration Children's Museum we stay safe and keep exploring!

Information for teachers:

  • The educational programs are implemented on the school 's buildings. Due to the special health conditions, the programs can be implemented in other school's areas, even in the school yard, if weather is fine.
  • The students can't be more that 25 children per program. Each class can be divided into two small groups and participate in two consecutive programs, in order to protect the health of students and keep the necessary distances.
  • The ECM interpreters should show their vaccination certificate and / or the confirmation of a negative PCR or rapid test that have taken place before the scheduled day and time of the visit, before they enter to the school.
  • Throughout the educational program, all the necessary measures are taken to protect the health and safety of our students and performers, ensuring a pleasant museum experience at school.