Inside the museum

What is a museum? What can we do inside a museum? How many different types of museums are in our city?

On the occasion of ECM's collections and exhibits, students discover what a "museum" really is . They observe objects, document artifacts, write captions, organize exhibitions. They get familiar with the museum professions and undertake the duties of a museologist, a curator, a tour guide, but also a visitor. They make their own exhibitions and give us tour(s) in their own unique way.

The educational program is for students of 4th, 5th & 6th grade Primary School and corresponds to the philosophy of the new "Life Skills: Workshops for schools", offering children the opportunity to develop their basic skills through hands-on activities. The program "Inside the museum" is about the thematic units Taking care of the environment: Local and world cultural heritage and Creative Thinking and Initiative: Acquaintance with professions

For more information about ECM's visit at your school, please contact the ECM Education Department at or by phone at +30 6948 822 622 so that to organize a safe and enjoyable museum experience at your school .