The Hunt of the 12 Gods | July 2022

Exploration invites children and parents to walk the streets of the city of Heraklion and discover it through... play! Are you ready for our summer new adventures?

Zeus travels to the island of Crete! The reason; But... all the Gods from Olympus were just… lost! A strong south wind blew on the Mountain Olympus and since then all the thrones have been left empty. Where is the goddess Athena now? Where has Hephaestus drilled? In which Cretan waters is Poseidon swimming?

Join us on a hidden treasure hunt in the city of Heraklion! With the help of Zeus, they solve puzzles, explore monuments and discover the 12 Gods of Olympus. Among them is the Pandora's box. Will it really help them in this crazy search?

Twelve gods are waiting for you hidden in twelve places in the city of Heraklion!

Are you ready? Join us here!

We are waiting for you!