International Children's Book Day at Vikelaia Municipal Library.

Exploration Children's Museum starts its events by celebrating International Children's Book Day at Vikelaia Municipal Library.

This year's message for World Children's Book Day comes from Lithuania, and in particular children's illustrator and author Kestutis Kasparavicius. “Books help us slow down”, says the author. “The universe of a book is wide open; it happily fuses reality with imagination and fantasy. And haven’t you experienced another miracle – that when you read a book, the book reads you? Yes, of course, books can read. Our life is a book: with its leaves to speak to us and its words to seduce us”.

Vikelaia Municipal Library celebrates the day with a series of events for children aged 5 to 12 years old. As part of these activities, Vekelaia hosts Exploration Children's Museum and its educational program “Book: the talking leaves” for school groups. Students would have the opportunity to explore the different roles books have had over the centuries and understand the ways in which they influenced humanity. They solve puzzles, decode old secrets and, thought important personalities and events, they finally discover the book as an object representative of our culture. 

The educational program will be held in Vikelaia Library, free of charge. Spaces are limited.

For more information please contact with:

Exploration Children’s Museum |

For participation statement please contact with: 

Vikelaia Municipal Library, Katerina Fragkaki, chief of Library’s education department 

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