Exploration visits Gouves!

Exploration Children's Museum, the first children's museum in Crete, is devoted to children and their families, providing unique play and learning experiences. Exploration Children's Museum is a mobile museum and we are everywhere for all the children of Crete!  

Exploration will visit Gouves and "Logou Praxis" in November with the educational program "Playing with the senses!" for the whole family!

Exploration invites parents with young children to travel together to the world of senses. What does lemon taste like? What does cinnamon smell like? Hey ... what is that sound? How soft is a cloud? Through play, families experiment with everyday objects and recognize familiar sounds and smells, strange textures and unique flavors. Exploring the collections of the Museum, we discover our body and preferences.

At Exploration Children's Museum we recognize family’s value and enhance the learning process between the child and the adult, offering unique and memorable learning and playing experiences across the sciences, arts and humanities that promote family engagement through the use of real objects, immersive environments, and live interpretation. Our family programs take place in specifically designed spaces in order to provide a family-friendly environment. Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to play with their children through our family programs in order to learn something new for themselves and their relationship, to be "lost" in the game of discovery away from the distractions of everyday life.

The educational program “Playing with the senses” will take place at "Logou Praxis" at Sunday, 24th November at 11.00 - 18.00 (three groups) for families with children from 2 to 3 years old. Please inform us who many members of your family will be attending, in order to ensure your participation. If you want more information or you just want to reserve your spot, contact us via email at info@exploration.gr.

Please let us know about any allergies in advance and pick your most comfortable clothes so we can roll around on the floor, get dirty and play with colors and various cooking materials!