One year Exploration Children's Museum!

One year explorations! One year discoveries! One year play!

Exploration Children's Museum is the first children's museum in Crete, devoted to children and their families. It was founded in 2019 by a group of creative people with the wish to offer unique opportunities through playing and learning based on our cultural heritage. With our luggage filled with our collections, exhibits and performers, Exploration is a mobile children's museum and and we are everywhere for all the children of Crete!

As a center of culture and education, Exploration enhances curiosity and imagination, play and creativity, informal and lifelong learning. With a respect to childhood’s needs and interests, we create special learning environments, offering children the opportunity to explore the world around them and discover objects and concepts by connecting them with their own experiences.

With play as our main vehicle, Exploration is the inspiration of children!

Let’s blow out the first candle of our Museum on April 5! Although, situations do not allow us to cut our cake together, we look forward to meeting you online with many festive posts on our social networks and many home explorations through the official Exploration website!

We are waiting for you to share your impressions, memories, ideas, thoughts and of course your beautiful wishes!

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Exploration Children’s Museum

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