1st Smart Cities Festival

Smart Cities Festival: Citizens of Heraklion begin to change their own city

The 1st Smart Cities Festival in Crete took place on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the Cultural Center of Heraklion and there were more than 30 volunteers and more than 500 families attended!

For the first time in the city of Heraklion, citizens had the chance to learn more about the concept of a “smart” city, travel intelligently to the world's smartest cities and get to know their 'smart' co-workers through a series of speeches. Also, they participated in hands-on seminars and engaged in an open debate on how we can work together towards a positive and meaningful change in our city.

Children, who are tomorrow's citizens of the smart city of Heraklion, had a leading role in this event. In the courtyard area of the Cultural Center, children had the opportunity to play with their parents with water, sand, natural materials and oobleck, as well as neighborhood games, reviving the childhood years.

As part of these activities, Exploration Children’s Museum participated with the “Bubbles” exhibit. Bubbles give visitors the opportunity to experiment with water and air, exploring their natural properties. With a wide variety of tools and surfaces, children and adults created large and small bubbles, observed liquids and gases, as they also handled small mechanisms in relation to their bodies.

Photo credits: Michael Meimaroglou | Kalos Agogos

Event: Smart Cities Festival

Exhibit: Exploration Children's Museum