Mapping our own house!

Did you know that our house is a ... whole map?

One of our favorite objects at Exploration Children's Museum is maps, and especially those who are hidden in the books! Actually, a huge, colorful book in the Museum's library has 52 unique maps from around the world!

The book is known as #Maps, and Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski , besides geographical borders, painted animals, plants, people, rivers, mountains, even the smallest insects of any place!

How would they draw the map of your own house?

On a large piece of paper or cardboard, make the outline of your home and those of your neighbors’. Together with your siblings and your parents map out each area-room and name them. The favorite spots in the garden, the animals / plants of the house, the "corners" of each family member are some of the highlights of your map!

We'll be very happy to see photos of your home maps!