Treasure basket at home!

Did you know that you can discover textures in your… home?

One of the most important senses in toddlers is touch. Through touch, children begin to explore and understand the world around them. They touch objects, mix materials, observe colors, recognize textures.

How can we play with textures?

Choose a basket or a box that you have at home. The more eco-friendly the material, the better for the game. Explore the house and find various items, such as:

• Natural materials (shaving brush, wicker box, brush)

• Leather, fabric, rubber, fur (ball, colored ribbons, gloves)

• Wood (cooking spoons, small cutting wood, large wooden rings)

• Paper (napkins, oil glue, foil)

• Metal (metal beater, strainer, tea filter)

• By nature (pine cones, feathers, stones, shells)

and any other object that attracts your toddlers' interest (toothbrush, hair rollers, plastic bottles, caps, etc.)

Gather all the objects in the basket and discover the textures with your children. Which object is softer? What does it feel like in your hand? Is it cold or is it hot? Remember that you can divide objects into groups according to their manufactured material.

Sensory games are important for children at young age, as they help them relax and concentrate, while improving their language and mental development. For a successful sensory game, choose your favourite, most quiet favorite corner at home and play for hours!

Have a good exploration!


  • Make sure the objects you choose do not have sharp edges and they are not smaller than toddler’s hand!
  • Explore the items you have at home and make as many baskets as you want!
  • Fill your exploration basket with new items!