Memory games at home!

Did you know that you can make your own memory games… at home?

Just as you exercise your body with gymnastics, memory games help you train your mind! Usually, they include a set of cards with shapes, patterns or even faces. You arrange them   in whatever order you want and try to memorize their place. Cards then are turned over, face down. Each player opens one card at a time and tries to find its “twin”, in order to make “pairs”.

How many cards do you need for the game? The only thing you have to do is multiply the number 2 by the number of pairs you want to make for your game!

What's the result? You print as many times as you wish the shapes of our Museum’s logo, cut them, mix them up and… play! Remember that, besides your memory, you can explore shapes and colors with our Museum’s logo!

Have fun!

You can download the game's pdf here: [English] [Greek]