Picasso is in my home!

Did you know that Pablo Picasso hides in ... your own house?

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter (25 October 1881 - 08 April 1973) who loved to paint faces. How did he paint them? He used many different colors and most of the times he painted them from many different "angles". He called this way of painting "cubism".

How would Picasso paint your face?

Study Picasso's paintings in books you have at home or online (with the help of your siblings!) and see their colors and designs. Then, observe your own face in the mirror.

How do you imagine yourself in a Picasso painting? How would you paint your eyes? Where would you put your nose?

Choose the brightest colors you have and become a… Picasso! The more square your face is, the better the result.

Don't forget, of course, to make the portrait of your family! 

Paint away!