Museum's rules from you own home!

Did you know that you can discover the rules of a museum from you own… home?

A small and colorful book guides you through a museum in a much more different way that you're used to. Although, everyone must  follow the rules of a museum, each of us "sees" it in his/her own way!

So… what can we do in a museum?

Read the book along with your parents or/and your older siblings. Remember your family visits to museums, think about what games you played there, describe an object that impressed you.

If you can read Greek, you can download the book for free from this link: The 10 rights of a (young) visitor inside the museum

If not, it’s ok! Find out books in your own language that talk about museums, their visitors and hands-on activities. Imagine what you would like to do in the museum and decide which of them can be your “rules” on your next visit!

Happy reading!