A subway... in my home!

Did you know that you can use the subway at your… own house?

The subway (metro or tube) is a means of transportation that millions of people use every day all over the world. All the big cities have subways, because the areas are further away from each other. Passengers move in wagons similar to trains

What would the subway look like in your house?

Search through brochures, books and the internet (your parents could help you!) and look for subway maps. Use your magnifying glass and observe the colorful lines, the stations and their names. On a piece of paper, draw an outline of your house and discover the “subway lines” you and your family use. Where do you meet most often? Which line you should follow from your room to the kitchen and then to the library? How would you name the “couch station”?

Paint your subway lines with different colors and start giving tickets!

We'll be happy to see the maps from your home's subway!