Adventskalender - The Christmas' Calendar

Adventskalender or... the calendar that counts the days until Christmas!

Adventskalender is a holiday custom from Germany! What is Adventskalender? It is a kind of calendar used by everyone in order to count the days from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve! Today we can see it in many different forms, but they all have one common goal: to make our anticipation for Christmas... more exciting!

So how about making your own calendar with your family?

Choose colors, papers, small objects and let your imagination and start creating your own Adventskalender!

Materials that you will need:

- paper or cardboard in various colors and sizes

- a pair of scissors

- glue

- a pencil

- markers, crayons or watercolors

- various small objects and materials (such as ribbons, pine cones, feathers, gold dust). Don't forget that our house has many materials and objects that we can use for craft. Explore your house and discover them!

How do we start?

- Take the papers you like and cut 24 cards to the size you want! Each card can be made of different paper or color!

- Number each of these cards from 1 to 24. Draw something special on each card! If you want, you can stick small objects or materials on each card, creating a 3d figure or even a collage! All the cards can be different! Let your imagination run free!

- At the end, put each card in the correct order according to its number. If you don't want to lose the cards, you can stick them all on a larger cardboard so that you can see them all together. Now... it's time to count the days!

How many days until Christmas?

We would love to see photos from your Adventskalender!


  • Make sure that the materials you use don't have sharp edges, don't cut and aren't smaller than your hand!
  • Besides paper... what other material can you use to make the cards?
  • You can also make another card that says "Merry Christmas" and put it at the end, after the 24 card!