#04 Walking Tour - Lake of Zaros

In which area of Crete there’s "a lot of water flowing"?

The molecule "za" ("ζα" in Greek) means a lot and the verb "flow" ("ρέω" in Greek) means to flow, to gush water. If you put the two words together, what new word comes up?

But of course, the word "Zaros"! The name "Zaros" means the place where a lot of water flows, which is located on the southern slopes of Psiloritis.

Zaros is a town located in the prefecture of Heraklion, known not only for its homonymous bottled water, but mainly for the beautiful landscape with its famous lake. In the past, the lake was a small wetland formed by the Votomos’ fount. Today, the lake has changed shape after its regeneration by the Forest Service.

So, how would you like an exploration at the Lake of Zaros?

Observe carefully the photos from our travel guide This Is Crete and explore the natural environment of the lake:

  • Apart from water, what else do you notice? What plants are around the lake?
  • Did you see any animals? If so, what were they? Where do they live?
  • After seeing the photos, close your eyes and imagine that you are there! What sounds do you hear?

Don't forget to find the secret paper with the key below in the photos! It can help you somewhere!


  • Discover photos from your excursions you made with your family and / or friends. What other lake have you visited? In what area are they? What differences do you notice?
  • Let’s go outside now for a while! Observe the natural environment outside your window or your balcony or your garden. Take pictures of what you like and compare it to the Lake. What similarities / differences do you notice?
  • Make your own binoculars from materials you have at home. A very easy material is the toilet paper roll! Find some ideas here.
  • Always remember that you will surely find more information in the books at your house and on the internet (with the help of a great one!) about the lake and the town of Zaros, as well as about animals and plants that you observe there.