ECM certified as Home of 21st Century Education!

Exploration, the first mobile children's museum in Greece, is CERTIFIED as Home of 21st Century Education

Home of 21st Century is a place where families and children – by culture, arts and play- can learn how to positively change the future. The 8 Characteristics of the Manifesto of the Home of 21st Century Education includes:

1. Children’s door to the culture, easily accessible public place of joy, beauty and imagination 

2. Home of interactive self-learning: trying out the unknown, astonishment and imagination. Learn by play!

3. Developing your children’s talents holistically as a meaningful experience for all senses 

4. Children as equal part of the society, imagining and changing the world into a better place

5. For all ages, bridging the gaps between generations

6. Place to interact, engage, whoever you are. Every voice can be heard

7. Navigating between reality and virtuality, for children and the older ones, digitally aware and active

8. Connecting to the global issues but acting locally. Constantly changing to what is needed

Exploration demonstrated they meet higher standards of practice in the above-mentioned areas.  

This brand and label of quality was created to recognize museums as learning places for the future education, and to highlight their potential to bring the positive social change. 

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