Culture Walking Tours | Let's discover our city through play!

Through various routes, Exploration Children's Museum gives the unique opportunity to families from around the world to "walk" through the history of our city. Referring to the imposing Venetian Walls, the city of Heraklion is transformed into a lively city museum for children!

Our cultural thematic routes are specifically designed educational programs that take place outdoors, in monuments, natural landscapes and sites of cultural interest, with the intent of familiarizing visitors with our city’s heritage. We read maps and old stories, explore monuments and public buildings, solve puzzles and decipher secrets. Walking on the streets, we explore along with families the history of the city of Heraklion. We discover its natural and cultural heritage and meet people of the past and the present.

Choose the walking tour you like the best and come along with your company to discover monuments, stories and people of our city and nature!

CITY TOURS: How well do we know our city? What secrets does it hide? With our own city as guide, we explore its monuments and recognize their history, discovering heroes, kings, gods and people of the past!

WATER TOURS: Where is the water around us? What stories does it tell us? Come walk with us the streets of water and discover its culture and its stories, which are hidden in the monuments of our city!

NATURE TOURS: What are the monuments of our nature? What treasures can we find there? Through a treasure hunt, children and parents explore the natural landscapes and discover small and big secrets of the wonderful world of nature.

Let  exploration begin!

  • Our walking tours are especially designed for parents with children of preschool and school age. Please contact with the Education Department in order to book your walking tour.  
  • The walking tours take place under the guidance of our own interpreter.
  • Children should be accompanied by at least one (1) adult.
  • During our walking tours, the visitors aren't allowed to take photos or videos
  • In case you wish to participate exclusively in a walking tour with the guidance of our interpreter (specific day and time), please fill the form here or contact with the ECM Education Department.