International Museum Day at Vikelaia Municipal Library

Exploration Children's Museum celebrates International Museum Day at Vikelaia Municipal Library! 

Every year since 1977, International Council of Museums (ICOM) has organised International Museum Day, which represents a unique moment for the international museum community. On this day, participating museums plan creative events and activities related to the International Museum Day theme, engage with their public and highlight the importance of the role of museums as institutions that serve society and its development.

For 2019, ICOM has chosen the theme “Museums as cultural hubs: the future of tradition”. While preserving their primary missions – collecting, conservation, communication, research, exhibition – museums have transformed their practices to remain closer to the communities they serve. By acting locally, museums can also advocate and mitigate global problems, striving to meet the challenges of today’s society proactively. As institutions at the heart of society, museums have the power to establish dialogue between cultures, to build bridges for a peaceful world and to define a sustainable future.

Exploration Children's Museum, in the context of the celebration of International Museum Day, offer the educational program “Inside the museum” for school groups. Students discover what a “museum” really is by observing and exploring everyday objects, copies and authentic artifacts. By turning into museologists, conservationists, tour guides and visitors, students make their own exhibitions and give us tour(s) in their own unique way. Going through Exploration Children’s Museum’s collections children imagine what their own (children's) museum would look like.

The educational program will be held in Vikelaia Library, free of charge. Spaces are limited.

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Vikelaia Municipal Library

Katerina Fragkaki, chief of Library’s education department 

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