4th Festival Street Art - Wooden Tampia

Exploration Children's Museum participates in the 4th Festival Street Art of the Municipality of Heraklion with the thematic route / educational program for families "Wooden Tampia: Pictures and Narratives of Old Heraklion".  Walking on the streets, we explore along with families the history of the city of Heraklion. We discover its natural and cultural heritage and meet people of the past and the present.

The "Wooden Tampia", or "old Heraklion" as it was known, is a forgotten neighborhood near the crowded market of modern Heraklion. Who lived there? What stories can neighborhoods tell us? What secrets do the houses’ doors hide?

Come with us and take a walk down the alleys of Agia Triada and discover the past of the people who lived there. Through a colorful path on the walls of the houses of Agia Triada, we will explore images and smells, unlock secrets, tell old stories.