We continue travelling this year to the libraries!

Exploration Children's Museum is packing suitcases and is travelling this hear all over Greece! Through our educational program" BOOK: The talking leaves", children, parents and teachers will  explore the history of the book in the library of their own city.

All that Mankind has done, thought, gained or been:  it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of Books. 

They are the property of the people

Thomas Carlyle 

From the time of rock paintings to today's digital eBooks, the book is still the most important means of communication. It tells the stories of people from the past, records scientific discoveries, saves history and culture, spreads ideas and dreams. But... what is after all the book? What stories do we come across in this? How can a book change the world?

Exploration, on the occasion of the new museum kit, invites its visitors to discover the value and the importance of the book as an object over the centuries. Through the History, we explore the role of the book in each period of time and how the book influenced the events of world history: from the discovery of the alphabet and paper, the evolution of illustration during the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment and the printing revolution, to the political upheavals of the Nazis, the evolution of Darwinian species, and digital applications.

Exploration will continue travelling to Greek libraries from early January to May, 2022.