Christmas Kit | Christmas is here!

Christmas are here at Exploration!

Holidays are just around the corner, bringing one special gift for the whole family! Museum's brand-new Christmas box has just arrived and is… limited edition!

How well do you know Christmas? How daring player are you? How fast do you solve puzzles? Get ready to go through the most Christmassy tests to win treasures and complete your mission! In this game your teammates are of course your family who are ready to help you or to... beat you?

The Christmas Kit - limited edition invites you to participate in the most Christmassy card game! Put the cards in order, turn over the first one and get ready to answer a question, to pass a test or even search your room. The faster you complete the rounds , the faster you will all make a special family memento of Christmas day!

The Christmas Kit - limited edition will be released in 10 unique numbered boxes that are available from today until December 15! The boxes will be mailed on December 17 in order to find their place under your Christmas tree. So... don't wait too long! Order your Christmas Kit now and get ready for a special family game on Christmas day!

For more information and orders, contact us at mail or by phone +30 6948 822 622 or just fill here the form. The proceeds support the work and mission of the Museum.